Elected University Area CommissionersUACmap

District 1 – North of 16th Avenue and east of High Street, except that which is part of District 2.

Abby Kravitz
Lauren Squires
Deborah Supelak

District 2 North of Woodruff Avenue and west of High Street, and a portion east of High Street, west of Indianola, south of Arcadia, and north of Patterson.

Seth Golding, Treasurer
Tom Wildman, Code Enforcement & Safety Committee Chair
[1 seat empty]

District 3 – South of 16th Avenue and east of High Street.

Omar Elhagmusa
Rory Krupp
Brian Williams

District 4South of Woodruff Avenue and west of High Street.

Susan Keeny,1st Vice President & Zoning Committee Chair
Michael Sharvin
Mario Cespedes

Nominated & Appointed University Area Commissioners

Craig Bouska, Representing Rental Property Owners
David Hegley, 2nd Vice President, Representing Social/Charitable Groups
Steve Volkmann, Representing The Ohio State University
Alex Wesaw, Representing OSU Council of Graduate Students
Jacob Dretzka, Representing OSU Undergraduate Student Government
Pasquale Grado, Representing Business Owners
Doreen Uhas-Sauer, President, Representing University District Organization
Aaron Marshall, Representing University Community Association


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