2018 Elected University Area CommissionersUACmap

District 1 – North of 16th Avenue and east of High Street, except that which is part of District 2.

Matt Beaton
Lauren Squires
[1 Seat Empty]

District 2 North of Woodruff Avenue and west of High Street, and a portion east of High Street, west of Indianola, south of Arcadia, and north of Patterson.

Andrew Frankhouser
Seth Golding, Treasurer
Tom Wildman, Code Enforcement & Safety Committee Chair

District 3 – South of 16th Avenue and east of High Street.

Amy Elbaor
Rory Krupp
Brian Williams

District 4South of Woodruff Avenue and west of High Street.

Susan Keeny, 1st Vice President & Zoning Committee Chair
Michael Sharvin
Mario Cespedes

2018 Nominated & Appointed University Area Commissioners

Craig Bouska, Representing Rental Property Owners
David Hegley, 2nd Vice President, Representing Social/Charitable Groups
Steve Volkmann, Representing The Ohio State University
Pasquale Grado, Representing Business Owners
Aaron Marshall, Representing University Community Association
Doreen Uhas-Sauer, President, Representing University District Organization

OSU Council of Graduate Students
OSU Undergraduate Student Government

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