Governance Committee Agenda – March 1, 2017 – Room 100 – Northwood & High Building – 6:00 PM

University Area Commission – Governance Committee

Agenda –March 1, 2017

According to Article IV Section 7: The Governance Committee shall:

  1. Implement these by laws and elections rules as required;
  2. Research the effectiveness and applicability of these by laws and make recommendations to the Commission for amendments to the by laws;
  3. Conduct the orientation of new commissioners;
  4. Coordinate t he internal activities of the Commission.


  1. Elect Chairperson
  2. Review Notes from UAC Brainstorming information gathered in February applicable to Governance:
    • …a commissioner should not be able to pass/come back around on a vote when it is called. It gives the appearance that they are either going to use their vote at the end as a more powerful sway or they are giving their vote to another commissioner. There is not an excusable reason that someone should pass only to cast a vote 30 seconds later. The only reason would be if they wanted to see how someone else voted. That is not respectful of the process and the applicant
    • Address Election Committee recommendations
  3. Discuss topics that Governance should take up for the 2017 Commission year
    • Target for elections committee was to change UAC Elections from 2 days to 1 day
      • Election Committee proposed changes
        1. By Law Article II, Section 4
        2. By Law Article VI Section 1
        3. Election Rule 7.1
      • Other items the committee should consider?
  1. Set working agenda for 2016 Governance Committee


Committee Members 2016 Commission Year

Commissioner Present Absent Excused
Doreen Uhas-Sauer      
Lauren Squires      
Steve Volkmann      
Omar Elhagmusa      
Alex Wesaw      
David Hegley      

Note: Agenda subject to change

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