University Area Commission Election Results – November 5, 2016

University Area Commission Announces Election Results

District 1:

Lauren Squires          6 Votes
Racheal Beeman        5 Votes

Lauren Squires is winner of 3 year seat in district 1

District 2:
No votes cast for open 3 year seat in district 2

District 3:
Brian Williams           9 Votes

Brian Williams is winner of 3 year seat in district 3
No other votes cast for the open 1 year seat in district 3

District 4:
Mario Cespedes         1 Vote

Mario Cespedes is winner of 3 year term in district 4

Per UAC Election Rules Article 2.9 The Elections Board will certify results of all unchallenged seats no later than the tenth day after the elections. Upon which the results become final and are reported to the University Area Commission and the Mayor of the City of Columbus per Article 10.1

Those elected will be formally seated on the University Area Commission January 18, 2017


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