Governance – October 5, 2016 – Agenda

University Area Commission – Governance Committee

Agenda –October 5, 2016


According to Article IV Section 7: The Governance Committee shall:


  1. Implement these by laws and elections rules as required;
  2. Research the effectiveness and applicability of these by laws and make recommendations to the Commission for amendments to the by laws;
  3. Conduct the orientation of new commissioners;
  4. Coordinate t he internal activities of the Commission.



  1. Discuss and prepare information to support Committee Chairpersons on their responsibility to their Committee members and the Commission
  2. Explore succession planning—how is information transferred over time

Committee Members 2016 Commission Year

Commissioner Present Absent Excused
Doreen Uhas-Sauer
Sharon Young
Steve Volkmann
Rachel Beeman
Alex Wesaw
David Hegley X

Note: Agenda subject to change

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