Call for Nominations for “Group Commissioners”

Call for Nominations for “Group Commissioners”
For the University Area Commission

The University Area Commission includes three seats for Group Commissioners who may be nominated by area groups and voted upon by the UAC. These groups are described as

  1. Social, religious and charitable groups;
  2. Business groups; and
  3. Residential rental property owner groups

(a group is defined as a number of individuals who are considered as one or acting as one with membership and/or a common mission related primarily to a Group Commissioner category).

The Commission is comprised of 20 Commissioners. In addition to the 3 Group Representatives, there are a total of 12 elected District Commissioners who are elected three each from 4 local neighborhood districts and five Organization Commissioners who are appointed by each of the organizations described in Article II Members (page 4) of the UAC By-Laws.

Nominations for Group Commissioners are currently being accepted

Nominations for Group Commissioners are currently being accepted by the UAC president, Doreen Uhas-Sauer, who can be reached directly, through note to our office address, or via email to

A description of the “Group Commissioners” may be found on page 3 of the University Area Commission By-Laws under Article II. Members. Group terms are 2 years and will begin on January 18, 2017-January 16, 2019. Commissioners are required to attend monthly meetings, join 2 committees, which meet monthly and complete 4 hours of commissioner training. All members of the UAC must be approved by the Mayor’s office.

(UAC By-Laws may be found on the UAC Website on our Bylaws page)

University Area Commission
Northwood High Building
2231 N. High Street Room 200
Columbus, OH 43201


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