PRESS RELEASE: U.A.C. and C.A.C. collaborate on White Castle-Patrick J lot planning

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29 February 2016

The University Area Commission (UAC) and the Clintonville Area Commission (CAC) are looking forward to working together in a partnership on any future development plans which might be brought to both commissions on the west side of Arcadia Avenue and North High Street. The former White Castle site and the former Patrick J’s are located in both commissions’ jurisdictions, and both commissions are aware of and welcome the input of nearby neighborhood residents as plans might proceed.

To that end, the Planning and Zoning Committees of both UAC and CAC will schedule joint meetings on any development issues concerning this site for the convenience of both applicants and public. Approximately 75% of the area is in the University District and 25% in Clintonville, and both communities have a shared history of the area.

The official boundary between the districts is the Slate Run (Glen Echo) ravine which was once the northern boundary of the historic 20-acre farm and residence of Joseph Guitner, a 19th century resident of Clinton Township. Slate Run (Glen Echo) stream formed the northern boundary of his residence along the Worthington Plank Road (North High Street). Guitner’s residence later became the Clinton Grove Hotel (the parking lot of Lucky’s market). The stream, enclosed for more than 50 years, runs under High Street to the Olentangy River.

A number of University District and Clintonville neighborhoods and community-wide and city-wide ecological organizations have been interested stakeholders in this area, including Friends of the Ravines (FOR); Lower Olentangy Urban Arboritum (LOUA); Coalition United for Glen Echo Ravine (CUGER); Glen Echo Neighbors Civic Association (GENCA); United Crestview Area Neighbors (UCAN); Friends of Portal Park; and other groups concerned with the historic preservation of (Old) North Columbus.

For convenience, any meetings concerning proposed development plans and/or related UAC/CAC area commission schedules and updates will be posted on the University Area Commission website and will be monitored by Rory Krupp, UAC Planning Committee chair. Questions can be addressed to and will reach commissioners of both districts.

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