Code Enforcement and Environment – Feb. 2, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

C&E Meeting – Minutes 020416 Present: Seth Golding, Debra Supelak, Richard Talbot, Tom Wildman                                             Excused: Joyce Hughes

Internal – ELECTED A NEW CHAIR.  Comm. Seth Golding nominated Tom Wildman to be Chair.  Comm. Richard Talbot seconded that nomination.  Nomination passes:                                                     (3 ) yays   (0)  nays  (1) abstencia

– Tom Wildman made a motion to move the C & E Meeting from the Godman Guild to a new location in the northern U-District.  he suggested Maynard Ave. United Methodist Church, Tuttle Park Recreation Center  and the Indianola Church of Christ.  Comm. Deb Supelak seconded that motion.   Much discussion ensued.  Comm. Wildman expressed his number one choice to be Indianola Church of Christ.  Meetings of any sort regarding the UAC have never met there.  It is time to include this location as an extension of cooperation between  Commission and Community, ample parking, open till 10 p.m. daily.  The Godman Guild was chosen at a time when Weiland Park needed greater inclusion into the Commissions concerns.  Almost all those concerns have been addressed and the southern neighborhood is well on its way to being not only recognized by U-Groups, but by the City-County-State as well.  C&E or previous Safety meetings have never been held in the northern U-District in the time Comm. Wildman has been on the Commission.  Comm. Talbot also stated this.  This takes these meetings back to approx. 1980.  Comm.’s Talbot, Golding & Supelak likened to the idea of Indianola Church of Christ.  Motion passes: (4)  days  (0)  nays  (0)  abstencia   Comm. Wildman will contact the Indianola Church of Christ for a meeting space.  He has since confirmed a space in the Church’s Cafe Lounge…in a room off of such said Cafe.  – a motion was made by Comm. Wildman and seconded by Comm. Supple to change  C&E Meeting time to 6:30 p.m.   Motion passes: (4)  days  (0)  nays  (0)  abstencia


Crime Updates – Comm. Talbot expresses concern over break-ins in town houses and apartments.  It was discovered the perps were picking locks…a new line of sophistication in technique not seen before.  Comm. Wildman and Supelak discussed street grade gunpoint robberies and home invasions plaguing the northern U-District.  Comm. Wildman discussed options and what was presently being done. Bike Ways – some further discussion on new bike lanes Community Concerns – no new concerns


GOING GREEN – Comm. Wildman further discussion on expanding the City’s Recycling Program.  Comm. Supelak is setting up a community wide tour of the Rumple Plant. PARKING – Comm. Wildman will be looking into a code change on the Mechanized Parking Facilities. Code needs to be open & clear regarding these systems. Presently,the code is vague.   Yearly Agenda – Crime, Graffiti, Bike Ways, Traffic Safety Studies, Utility Upgrades, Green Concerns, Parks, Community Art Programs, Recycling Expansion, Fire Pits, Rooming Houses, Bulk Trash, Litter, Parking, and other concerns as they arise.

Next Code Enforcement and Environment Committee Meeting:
6:30 on March 3, 2016 in the Cafe Lounge of the Indianola Church of Christ, 2141 Indianola Ave. in Old North Columbus.
Agenda: Internal Duties, Crime Updates, Bike Lanes Updates, Bike Path at W. Dodridge, Traffic Study on Tompkins St., Tagging to Graffiti Art, AEP, Fire Pits, Going Green proposals, City Emergency Response Plan, review existing Recycling Program, Rooming Houses, Parking

[Agenda is subject to modifications by the presiding chair and items may be taken out of order and  location changed.]

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