Something a little different for February 3 Committee Meetings

The first Wednesday of each month is typically a line-up of three committee meetings (often called the Super Committee meeting which does not imply superiority–just 3 meetings in 3 hours to try to be efficient).  Zoning and Code Enforcement/ Safety Committees meet on different days and in different locations.

This February 2016 meeting will be set aside for the Commission to do some goal setting for the coming year (over a potluck dinner); however, there are still a number of pressing issues in Planning, so we propose the following agenda for February 3:

Over view for Potluck Dinner on February 3, 2016, Room 100, Northwood and High


6 pm-7 pm
(when Governance would normally meet)
Potluck sharing and brainstorming of goals (Uhas Sauer will bring a copy of the goals from 2015 for ideas and reference) What would we like to see UAC accomplish this year?
7 pm-8 pm Planning will meet because of the number of items on its agenda:
• Urban Infrastructure Urban Fund priorities
• Pavey Square proposed development responses:
— request moritorium from City Council
— request “fast track” implementation of University Plan.
8 pm*-9 pm
(* or whenever Planning Committee completes)
Continue brainstorming or prioritizing with consensus as to which committees will take the lead or responsibility for agreed-upon goals

No need to sign up ahead of time, but if you are able to bring a dish (homemade or store bought) to share, it will be much appreciated. If you are coming straight from work or school, please just come. Uhas Sauer will also bring plates, water, napkins, utensils, etc.

All who wish to be on committees (commissioner and non commissioner) are invited!

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