Planning Committee – January 2016 – Meeting Notes

The University Area Commission met on Janurary 6th at 7:00 at the Northwood and High Building. Commissioners Beeman, Keeny, Volkman, Uhas-Sauer, Hegley, Runta, Sharvin. New, but seated commissioners Sheehan and Kravitz were also present. A member of the public was also present at the meeting.

Mark Dravillas from the City of Columbus Planning Division was present to answer questions about the Urban Infrastucture Recovery Fund process and line items. Mr. Dravillas clarified that the projects would scheduled by the city in order to get the most efficient use of various studies needed. Therefore, the list is not prioritized per se but represents projects the commission can have completed during the funding cycle.

Discussion started with the planted medians on High Street, Lane Avenue, and Neil Avenue. Previously, the commission had voted to remove $75,000 from the $450,000 High Street planted median budget and reallocate those funds to pay the University District’s cost of the restored historic balustrade on Indianola Avenue over the Glen Echo Ravine. ODOT agreed to include a restored historic balustrade on the bridge but was unwilling to pay the difference between the modern standard design railing and the historic design. The cost of the upgrade from a standard design rail is being split with the Clintonville Area Commission.

The commission noted planted medians would not be practical on High Street. In addition, the pace of development and the Short North Alliance;s plan for High Street improvements were still in play making it difficult to plan the streetscape. City planner mark Dravillas did note that the exact location of planted medians, if chosen, would be determined by city staff after traffic studies etc.. The commission also noted that planted medians required plant maintenance and an insurance policy be carried, usually by local non-profit, for the medians themselves. The absence of such a group further precluded planted medians in the locations. In addition, there was concern about emergency vehicle access on Neil Avenue to the University Hospital area and increased development along Lane Avenue. In the end, the commission decided against any planted medians. The funds from the planted medians would be determined at a later date although High Street improvements were mentioned as a possible use.

The committee also discussed the removal of the parking barrier at 13th Avenue but would consult with parties involved in High Street improvements such as Campus Partners to ascertain any long term plans for the area.

The committee felt that parks in the district needed more trees.

A commissioner from District 4 was going to ascertain whether drainage problems in the Circles was solved although there was a notion that sewer cleaning in the area had solved the problem. Further inquiry was recommended.

Mr. Dravillas clarified that curb ramps only included the ramp itself and not the crosswalk.

The Fifth Avenue road diet was between North Fourth Street and High Street.

A member of the public suggested that UIRF monies be allocated for park land purchases, adding an additional stairway to the Iuka Ravine bridge and alley improvements near the Iuka Ravine. The commission will consider the requests.

The committee voted unanimously to approve the UIRF project list.


University District Proposed Final UIRF Plan

Project Type Location/Description Approximate Cost Estimate
Bike Facility Arcadia from High to Indianola (bike lanes or sharrows in concert with road diet)


77Road Diet Acadia from High to Indianola $57,000


Curb Extension Fifth St & Eighth Ave intersection $160,000


Curb Extension Euclid Ave east of High St $160,000


Bike Facility Bike facilty on Fifth Avenue from Fourth Street to High Street




Curb Ramp Fifth and Pennsylvania $16,000


Street lighting – decorative Fifth Avenue from High Street to Summit.




Road Diet Fifth Avenue $40,546
Planted Median Two locations on High Street (specific locations would be determined)

Amount reflects $75,000 removed

For Glen Echo Bridge



Planted Median Neil Avenue between King and W 11th Ave or Lane Avenue


Bike Facility Install signage and markings to enhance Hunter (includes other streets) as a bicycle route (bike boulevard).




Curb Ramp Hunter Avenue and McMillen $12,000


Curb Ramp Neil Avenue $132,000




Curb Ramp Area East of Summit, North of Wyandotte, South of Tompkins, and West of 4th



Sidewalk Between Lane Avenue and Tuttle Park along Perry and/or Tuttle Park Place


Curb Extension Seventh Ave east of High St $160,000


Park improvements Allocate a percentage of UIRF dollars for park improvements in the University District. Specific installations would occur based on staff review and follow up consultation with the neighborhood.


Street and other trees Allocate a percentage of UIRF dollars for the planting of street trees in areas recommended by City Forester, with follow up communication with the given neighborhood. One area of focus should be the boulevard right-of-way on 15th Avenue to the east of Fourth Street.


Sidewalk Sidewalk on South side of Duncan between Neil and western terminus of Duncan.



Bridge railing                                              Restoration of the historic balustrade

Over the Glen Echo Ravine

on Indianola Avenue                               $75,000



Sidewalk                                                       Sidewalk between Indianola and

And Summit Street where defensible

Space barrier was removed







Sidewalk                                                     Sidewalk on Tuttle Park



To be determined/High Street Improvements                                                          $675,000
Total                                                                                                                                   $2,505,667


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