Planning Committee – November 2015 – Meeting Notes

University Area Commission November Planning Committee


The UAC Planning Committee met on November 2, 2015 in the lobby of the Northwood and High Building at the UAC election table to include Commissioner Volkman who manned the table. One person voted during the planning commission meeting.

Present were commissioners Krupp, Keeny, Beeman, Volkman, Hansen, Supelak and Uhas-Sauer. UDO director Matt Hansen also participated. Excused for election duties were Grado, Sharvin.

The planning committee agreed to pay close attention to the bike path on Summit and North Fourth to see if any problems develop.

The committee discussed parking. There was a short conversation in which commissioners compared anecdotes about parking in their districts which ranged from dire to not-so-dire. Problems included lack of parking during Ohio State football home games (known locally as “game day”) Complicated signage in permit parking areas was noted, specifically the wide range of stipulations related to restricted times. There was also concern that increased permit parking could have unintended consequences such as increased pressure on green space as residents avoided parking fees. There was also discussion about expanding permit parking to the entire district but the general consensus that the city would not be amenable to such an action prevailed in the committee.

The committee made a draft list of permit parking recommendations for the city. The committee will revise the draft recommendations with the input of the full commission.

The draft recommendations include:

  • The permit parking area must be contiguous to another permit parking area.
  • The permit parking area will be a minimum size
  • The commission will set the boundaries for the applicant
  • 75% of the residents must agree to the permit area (this reflects changes in city code)
  • Residents can request hours and restrictions
  • Commission will ask applicants about the rationale for the permit parking area.
  • Two hour parking should be included in the permit parking area for non-residents who are running errands etc.

The meeting adjourned at 8:04 P.M.

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