2015 Candidate Statements

The following are the biographical statements of the candidates who are running for District seats in the 2015 University Area Commission election.

Click here to download the statements as PDF.

University Area Commission Elections will be held on Wednesday, November 4, and Saturday, November 7, 2015. 

There will be 2 polling locations each day:

  • Wednesday, November 4th,   5:00 – 8:00 pm
    • Godman Guild     303 E. 6th Ave.
    • Northwood High Building   Room 100    2231 N. High Street
  • Saturday, November 7th,    10:00 am – 4:00 pm
    • Godman Guild     303 E. 6th Ave.
    • Lucky’s Market   2770 N. High St.

Any resident of the University Area may vote in this election (it is not necessary to be registered with the Board of Elections).  Please bring photo ID and proof of residence within the district.

Commissioner Statement  – District 1

(1 seat open)

Abby Kravitz

As a Glen Echo resident in District 1, community cohesiveness and neighborhood price are at the core of our neighborhood character. My goal is to continue to strengthen that foundation by ensuring my neighbor issues and concerns are addressed at every turn.
Seeing that economic growth is adding great new opportunities within our neighborhood fabric, I am dedicated to smart growth that concentrates on making our district safe, pedestrian friendly and one that enhances our natural and cultural resources while preserving the historic character of the District. Physical conditions of District 1 must reflect pride of ownership and community and my background in Landscape Architecture has provided me several years of experience with both city of Columbus new development projects and site improvement projects; this skillset fuels my dedication and involvement to our neighborhood growth.
A healthy neighborhood is one that is safe, sustainable and creative. I look forward to keeping District 1 moving in the right direction.


Commissioner Statements  – District 2

(2 seats open)

Dan Sheenan

Commissioner Statement: The University District is an eclectic neighborhood that I am proud to call home. Having graduated from OSU with a degree in City and Regional Planning, I am excited to serve the neighborhood in ways that capitalize upon skills learned both at OSU and in the professional planning world. Over the past several years, I have worked at the Mid-­‐Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) to implement various Housing and Community Development programs, including the Weinland Park Exterior Home Repair Program, and have recently begun working on Transportation issues in our region.
I hope to help nudge the neighborhood in a direction that is more attractive to homeowners. If elected to the commission, I would like to explore the possibility of using state or federal funds to create an incentive for families to purchase and occupy homes in the District. I would also like to explore the possibility of establishing some sore of Exterior Home Repair Program in the Old north neighborhood to help improve the housing stock in the area. Ultimately, I would like to see an increase in the amount of owner-­‐occupied units in the Old North area of the District.

Tom Wildman

Thomas is a stout supporter of student involvement in community issues. He is an advocate of neighborhood social, cultural, environment & historic preservation He is a co-­‐founder & Director of the Olde North Columbus Preservation Society, a neighborhood organization devoted to preserving the environment & cultural integrity of Olde North/Columbus & /Co-­‐coordinator of the ONC Blockwatch. From these platforms, he has introduce Olde North Columbus to the City of Columbus & the City of Columbus to Olde North Columbus, receiving funding for neighborhood projects as community-­‐wide street sweeping, stronger police presence, regular refuse & bulk pick-­‐ up, graffiti removal, new Tuttle Park entrance and Bike ramps at Hudson & Dodridge St., handicap ramps, commercial node & Neighborhood improvements (Maynard/Summit, Indianola Middle School, Portal/Arcadia & Tuttle Parks), school crosswalks & traffic calming. Thomas authored grants for new pocket parks, bike trails, wall murals, street amenities (Olde North Columbus Arches, benches, recycle receptacles, banners, plant containers, historic signs), curb replacement, street paving & graffiti removal. Thomas Wildman has made great strides in trying to re-­‐unite the neighborhood of Olde North Columbus (community founded in 1803 and established as a town in 1842). Thomas Wildman believes it is the We and not the me


Commissioner Statement –  District 3

(1 seat open)

Rory Krupp

I have lived in Weinland Park for eight years. During this time I’ve enjoyed working with developers and philanthropic groups involved in the neighborhood’s revitalization activities. I am a strong advocate for historic preservation. I was involved with the initial planning for the preservation and renovation of 11th Avenue. I advocated for the Habitat for Humanity home redesign that enabled the houses to fit into the neighborhood architectural context. I support increased density on High Street to reduce density and overcrowding in our neighborhood. I also support measures to slow down traffic on North Fourth and Summit and to increase the neighborhood’s walkability.

Commissioner Statement – District 4

(2 seats open)

Susan Keeny

It takes a while to begin to understand the dynamics of our very rich, unique and diverse community. And after serving on the University Area Commission since 2009, and chairing the zoning committee for the past 4 years, I feel than I am just now “getting the hang of it”. I would like the opportunity for another term on the Commission to follow & monitor some of the major developments that have recently been initiated, and to begin work on potential zoning changes that may grow out of our newly adopted University Plan. These efforts should always be directed to support intelligent, sustainable growth in our district while maintaining safe, livable, walkable neighborhoods.



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