Governance Committee – April 1, 2015 – Meeting Notes

University Area Commission | Governance Committee Report

Meeting Details: Wednesday April 1, 2015, Northwood and High Building, Started 6:10 PM and Ended 7:10 PM

Attendance: (P: Present, A: Absent, E: Excused, G: Guest, R: Resigned) Sharon Young (P), Doreen Uhas-Sauer (P), Colin Odden (E) Jennifer Mankin (P), Steve Volkman (P), Kate Neithammer (P), Michael Sharvin (P) and David Hegley (P)

  1. Discussion on any new items that should be considered for the upcoming year
    • Have the Committee consider providing a presentation on Governance issues to the Regional meeting in Bowling Green Kentucky this year.
    • Consider changing the voting age requirement for the Area Commission elections to include High School aged people. This would not only include voting rights, but the opportunity to run for election on the Area Commission.
  2. Review Election Rules to understand if any changes need to be discussed based on this year elections held last November
    • Based on how the by laws and election rules are written it was discovered that this year and next year that the two elections dates will be separated by a week and a half.
      • Dates for 2015 are October 28th and November 7th
      • Dates for 2016 are October 26th and November 5th
    • Discussed several options to change the language to fix this issue. The general consensus is to propose a language change that indicates the elections will be held on the first Saturday in November and the preceding Wednesday.
    • Formal language will be proposed at the May Committee meeting and will be brought to the full Commission upon passage from committee
  3. Confirmed timeline for Elections in 2015 for the 2016 Commission year
    • Board of elections must be appointed at the June meeting
    • If the board of elections adopts rule changes by a majority of the 5 member board then:
      • It takes 2 readings to change the election rules before the full Commission
      • Unlike UAC by laws election rules will go into effect as long as no Commissioner disapproves of the changes by the end of the second Commission meeting.
    • Governance can also change the election rules, but must follow the same requirements as if they were by law changes. This requires 2 reads and passage by 2/3 majority vote of the Commission.
    • Election rules cannot be changed 30 days after or 45 days before an election.
  4. Began work on guideline for Committee chairs on the basic requirements of running a Committee
    • Basic requirements discussed for inclusion in this document
      • Post agendas at least 5 days before the Committee meeting on the Area Commission website
      • Take meeting minutes
      • Take attendance and include them with the meeting minutes. This is to provide documentation as required for Article II Section 6.
      • Meeting minutes should include any resolutions or motions that will be voted on by the full Commission and how each Committee member voted on it.
      • Post meeting minutes on the Commission web site and provide the full Commission copy of the minutes each month.
      • Should meet on a monthly basis
      • All Committees are required to establish and agenda for the year by the April meeting for the entire year
      • Provide a written summary of the years activity at the annual meeting
      • Committees can establish their own rules that differ from the Area Commission by laws, but must be in writing and approved by the Committee. Robert’s Rules of Order has process to follow for a Committee to do this.

Next Meeting May 6, 2015 @ 6:00 PM – Northwood & High Building Room 100

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