University Area Commission – Feb. 21, 2015 – Agenda

AGENDA  – February 18, 2015


6:30 Call to Order, Welcome, Roll Call
6:31 Announcement of open seats Information
6:35 Welcome & Seating of newly Elected Commissioner(s)
6:40 Reports – brief reports only; questions from commissioners will be taken at the end of the last report and should be brief & specific to information provided

  • Officer Smith, 4 Pct CPL – Columbus Police Department Information
  • Isom Nivins, City of Columbus Information
  • Erin Prosser, Campus Partners –(see ‘Presentations’ below) Information
  • Matt Hanson, University District Organization Information

7:10 Presentations – Commissioners may speak twice, up to 3 minutes each time, per Bylaws Article IV, Section 1(b):

  • Campus partners – Keith Myers, Amanda Hoffsis, and Erin Prosser: review & update on South Gateway Project.
  • Student Ambassador Program – Tracey Walterbusch, Program Director.

7:40 Committee Reports:

  • Zoning – Susan Keeny

1. 165 E. 15th Ave. – request for variances for proposed new fraternity house to replace existing Beta Theta Pi chapter house.
2. South Campus Gateway– a modification to the previously approved council variance to revise the typical parking bay width from 9 ft. to 8 ½ ft.

  • Planning –
  • Code Enforcement –
  • Governance –
  • Community Relations –
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Education

8:15 Public Comments & Announcements – 3 minutes per speaker; open to public
8:40 Approval of Minutes – Vote
8:45 Treasurers Report – Seth Golding Information
8:50 New Business – New committee assignments; UAC election of officers Vote
Next UAC Meeting – March 18, 2015.
9:00 Executive Committee Meeting, if needed.

*Agenda is subject to modifications by the presiding officer and items may be taken out of order.

PLEASE NOTE the following parameters for all participants in Commission meetings with regard to zoning cases, per our REVISED bylaws, Article IV – MEETINGS, Section 7:
The following time limits will be adhered to for all zoning cases heard before the Commission:
1. Zoning Committee presents the facts of the case – 5 min. max
2. Applicant Presentation – 7 min. max.
3. Zoning Committee report – 5 min. max
4. Public comment (max 3 people each pro/con) – 2 min each (max). Only those who complete speaker slips prior to the case being heard will be considered for speaking based on the order the slips were received
5. Commissioner discussion: Commissioner who wishes may speak once per round for 1 min (max) for 2 rounds. A Commissioner cannot save time for their second round or transfer their remaining time to someone else
6. Applicant response – 3 min (max)
7. Commission vote.
8. A motion to extend the max time limits can be made at the beginning of the case stating which portion(s) should be extended and by how long. The motion must pass by two-thirds (2/3) majority with no debate on this motion.

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