Zoning Committee – August 4, 2014 – Agenda

UAC Zoning Committee
Monday, August 4, 2014

6:00 PM – We will meet at the 1st Project site, in the alley between 8th & Euclid, to review and walk the property with the applicant. Afterwards, we will proceed back to the Pride Center to continue the rest of the meeting.

6:30 PM – At Pride Center, 248 E. 11th Avenue.

Applicants will be as follows:

1. South of Gateway Rezoning – This is the 3rd meeting with Campus Partners to discuss the creation of a new CPD zone for the site located south of the existing Gateway project. To date, the project has been presented to the Zoning Committee, the UAC, the Weinland Park Civic Assoc. and the Weinland Park Housing Committee

2. 1774 N. High Street – request to broaden the approved CPD uses for the property located at 1774 N. High Street, the former College Town Bookstore.

3. Iuka Park Commons – additional variances for a proposed off-premises monument sign. There was only one prior variance for an off-premises sign that was submitted and approved by the UAC at their June meeting. The case has not yet been heard by the Graphics Commission.

Demolition notices:

  • Battelle Institute – 505 King Avenue, Buildings 17 & B
  • 215-17 E. Maynard – garage demo
  • 221 E. 16th Avenue – garage demo

Committee members will meet at the Pride Center at 248 E. 11th Avenue, unless otherwise directed. Please enter the facility at the rear. The public is welcome. We will then proceed to each applicant site to conduct the discussion and vote. Applicants are to please bring completed BZA/demolition/graphics applications, photos, and other support materials to best present your case.

There are 8 Zoning Committee members. The public is welcome.

PLEASE NOTE that applicants that have received a vote at the Zoning Committee meeting will present at the next UAC meeting on August 20, 2014, where a vote will be taken by the entire Commission. We will send out an agenda for that meeting later. The results of the UAC vote and a recommendation will be forwarded to the Columbus Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), or City Council, or Graphics Commission, as appropriate to each applicant’s case.

If you have any questions, please call or email.

Thank you,
Susan Keeny
Zoning Committee
Cell: (937) 479-0201

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