University Area Commission – July 16, 2014 – Agenda

University Area Commission
July 16, 2014 6:30 p.m.
2231 North High Street Room 100


6:30 Call to Order, Welcome, Roll Call

6:35 Approval of Minutes – Terra Goodnight (Vote)

6:40 Treasurers Report – Seth Golding

6:42 Announcement of District Vacancies

6:45 Brief District Concerns – 1-2 minutes per commissioner if important concern; otherwise please make announcements at end of agenda

6:55 Reports – reports only; questions from commissioners will be taken at the end of the last report and should be specific to information provided

  • Officer Smith, Columbus Police Department
  • Isom Nivins, City of Columbus
  • Erin Prosser, Campus Partners – see ‘Presentations’
  • Matt Hanson, University District Organization

7:15 Committee Reports from June committee meetings

Zoning – Susan Keeny

South Campus Gateway Project – preliminary presentation and discussions about rezoning for the parcel located south of Gateway between 8th & 9th Streets, & High and Indianola. No vote required at this time.

Code Enforcement – Tom Wildman
Governance – David Hegley – bylaws revision: zoning presentations, 2nd reading
Planning – Jim Bach: discussion of UIRF funding priorities (see ‘New Business’)
Community Relations – Terra Goodnight
Ad Hoc Committee on Education

8:00 Public Comments & Announcements – 3 minutes per speaker; open to public

8:10 Presentations

  • Martin Butler, manager of operations at Neighborhood Services, Inc., 1950 N High re: report families NSI serves in University Area zip codes
  • Campus Partners re: development plans for parcels south of Gateway

8:15 New Business

  • Commission bus tour/training event
  • UIRF project list (potential vote)

8:40 Adjournment

Executive Committee Meeting

Next UAC Meeting – August 20, 2014.

*Agenda is subject to modifications by the presiding officer and items may be taken out of order.

Download a copy of the agenda.

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