Governance Committee – June 4, 2014 – Agenda

University Area Commission – Governance Committee

Agenda – June 4, 2014



According to Article IV Section 7: The Governance Committee shall:


a. Implement these by laws and elections rules as required;

b. Research the effectiveness and applicability of these by laws and make recommendations to the Commission for amendments to the by laws;

c. Conduct the orientation of new commissioners;

d. Coordinate t he internal activities of the Commission.




  1. Continue discussion on proposed by law changes to handle Zoning cases
  • Finalize proposed order of zoning cases

a)     Zoning Committee presents the facts of the case (Example: the variances being requested and the hardship noted on the application for the related variances)

b)     Applicant presentation

c)     Zoning Committee report (Example: What the committee decided and the reasoning behind the decision)

d)     Public Comment

e)     Commission discussion (Consider allowing the Commissioners to make comments and ask questions directly to the zoning chair as long as they stay within the allotted time)

f)      Applicant response (recommendation from the May Commission meeting)

g)     Commission vote

  • Discussion on restrictions on Commission discussion and formalize rules on this topic if desired
  • Discussion on applicant response, options that should be considered
    • Eliminate the applicant response altogether
    • Don’t allow Commissioners to directly engage with the applicant
    • Determine time allocation for each of the sections zoning case sections.
      • Zoning Committee Recommendation:
      • Zoning Committee report – 5 Minutes with chair having the ability to extend the time by an additional 5 minutes for complex zoning cases
      • Applicant presentation – 5 minutes
      • Commission discussion – 2 minutes per Commissioner (Only one time?)
      • Public Comment – 2 minutes each (Chair has authority to end comment period (Removing the limit of 3 for and 3 against?)
    • Discuss other language to include in the by laws:
      • The following time limits will be adhered to for all zoning cases heard before the commission (Existing)
      • A copy of this section will be provided to each zoning applicant by the zoning committee prior to their appearance at a commission meeting.
      • Should Commission discussion be limited to speaking one time
      • Should Public Comment be limited to a certain number in favor and against a zoning case


Committee Members 2014 Commission Year

Commissioner Present Absent Excused
Sharon Young    

Lucas Dixon    

Jim Bach      
Doreen Uhas-Sauer      
Terra Goodnight    

Colin Odden      
David Hegley      


Note: Agenda subject to change

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