Code Enforcement and Environment – Feb. 6, 2014 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: Note this meeting occurred on a day of very poor weather.

1.Tom Wildman and Lucas Dixon arrive at Godman Guild at 6 pm.

2. Commissioner Shelton calls and says due to weather she can not make it to meeting.

3. Commissioner Dixon and Wildman wait until 6:15 and no other commissioners or community members arrive for meeting. Dixon and Wildman agree to move meeting to Hound Dogs Pizza to allow Commissioner Shelton to attend.

4. Meeting commences at 6:30 at Hound Dogs Pizza.

5. Commissioner Dixon Nominates Commissioner Wildman for Chair of CE and E committee. Shelton Seconds.

6. Vote 2-0-1  Shelton Y, Dixon Y, Wildman abstains.

7. Commissioners discuss any outstanding issues in district. Wildman give crime update on N End of area. Shelton discusses snow removal problems, problems have been bad all winter and city wide.

8. Meeting Adjourns at 7 pm.

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