Code Enforcement and Environment – March 6, 2014 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes:

Attendance: Commissioners: Wildman, Dixon, Hughes, and Golding.

Meeting Started at 6:15

1. Wildman confirmed that elections last week were in compliance with bylaws.

2. Proposal brought for committee bylaw change by Wildman.

Re Confirm practice that to conduct business committee needs a corum of 3 commissioners. Vote: 3-0-1 Wildman Abstains.

3. Review of agenda for the year- Items we want to cover.

  1. Crime- Focus on putting pressure on city to fix crime reporting and to better support block watches.
  2. Porch Roofs
  3. Bike way at Dodridge
  4. ONC Mail concerns- Continue to monitor
  5. Gas and Water line work- Continue to monitor
  6. Handbills- Legislation
  7. Fire pits
  8. Code crackdown on buildings
  9. Going Green to tie into Blue Print plan city water and sewer is doing. Better education on recycling.
  10. Parking Permit- Ask public to come to committee to request help with this.
  11. Curb Cuts- CPD wants enforcement mechanism.
  12. Refuse containers- Trash around containers across district- Better way to police. Send letters to home owners/landlords.
  13. Graffiti- Especially in SOHUD.

4. Proposal by Wildman to get back to doing things! Using the model of community driven Community Committees to help draft proposals we can take to committee and to full commission. Everyone agrees.

Commissioner Dixon agrees to head So-Hud’s thrust to control building expansion.

Commissioner Golding agrees to head Fire Pit legislation drafting.

Commissioner Wildman agrees to head handbill legislation.

5. Commissioner Hughes is going to make sure room is reserved for year.

6. Meeting location rotation- Committee is going to investigate holding meetings concurrently with block watches in the neighborhood and conduct neighborhood inspections as part of meetings.


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