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Tonight the Columbus Board of Education will hold "an open discussion" on whether or not to sell Indianola Jr. High to OSU or to put it on the auction block. [Time & location info at the end of this post.]

Those of us who are close to the issue through the area commission thought the matter was settled some time ago when Dr. Drake and Dr. Good signed a memo of understanding to allow OSU to purchase the building and site. The issue has now arisen for the second time in a month. The board has the ultimate decision.

UAC passed a resolution in August to strongly urge the school be sold to OSU for several reasons--OSU has promised the school would be used for educational purposes in conjunction with what the community sees as best options, OSU will work with the community as they have on the Near East side with Pilgrim school, OSU sees the site as important to the home ownership program for the community and for Iuka and Indianola Forest specifically, OSU can renovate building historically and appropriately, and OSU can work with other community collaborative interests, non profits, or city departments. Two days ago, a company which gave 100,000 for relief for Hurricane Harvey, just announced they would be willing to provide historically correct new windows for the entire building at no cost so they can use it as a demonstration project (and they fell in love with the building, thanks to Randy Black).

UAC does not want it to go to auction because OSU by law can only pay the appraised price; going to auction would allow private development (remember there are 11+ acres with the site) to drive the price up two or three times more than appraised price. (Right now we are aware there at least 6 development interests pushing the board to have it on the auction block with the rationalization that it will be more money for the schools). UAC does not want to see the site developed for additional housing--student or otherwise--because the newly adopted University District plan does not call for such intense development within the neighborhoods, does not want to see additional loss of green space or potential park land, and is concerned that a private developer could condoi-ize the building and not restore the interior. Currently, we are in a better position for home ownership and we have an estimated 3000 vacant beds off campus.

** Tonight, at 5:30 pm, please come to the Columbus Board of Education, 270 East State Street, if you can to show that the community does nt want the building to go to auction. If you wish to speak you must call the board by 5 pm to be on the agenda, but as in any grass roots effort, numbers do count. Please spread this to other interested groups with whom you are in contact. I do not know when it comes up on the agenda. **
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Update: The July 13 meeting on the Short North Parking Pilot plan has been canceled. The city is taking more time to consider the issue.

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As students get ready to move from one apartment to the next, they often decide it's that time of year to get rid of some old furniture. Couches, tables, dressers, chairs, patio furniture, shelves, an...

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Although this announcement is addressed to the "Short North", the Parking Plan will also affect the southern-most streets of the University District. Residents of these areas should contact the City to give your feedback on the changes. ... See MoreSee Less

Attention residents, visitors and business owners in the Short North neighborhood: We are looking for feedback to shape a parking pilot program to meet the growing needs of the Short North. Please vi...

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