Governance Committee Notes – May 4, 2016

University Area Commission | Governance Committee Report

Meeting Details: Wednesday May 4 2016, Northwood and High Building, Started 6:53 PM and Ended 7:01 PM  Attendance: (P: Present, A: Absent, E: Excused, G: Guest, R: Resigned) Sharon Young (E), Doreen Uhas-Sauer(P arrived 6:53), Rachel Beeman (P), Steve Volkmann (E), Alex Wesaw (P) and David Hegley (P)

  1. We did not have a quorum until 6:53 so the official discussion was limited to covering a few topics about elections
    1. A few more areas of elections that we would like to explore or finally put to rest are:
      1. Documenting all the tribal knowledge that has been accumulated over the years about the best way to run the elections and the key activities that must take place following a defined sequence.
      2. Is there a way to decrease the voting age to 16 and above rather than 18 and still be able to verify residence and voting eligibility within the University district.
        1. This has been done in the distant past on the Commission that is why it is being brought up again to encourage a younger generation to get involved in City Government and representation.
      3. Find a way to allow absentee voting which would make dropping one of the 2 days of elections the UAC currently has in place.

Next meeting: June 1, 2016 @ 6:00 PM in Room 100 Northwood & High Building

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