Governance – April 6, 2016 – Meeting Notes

University Area Commission | Governance Committee Report

Meeting Details: Wednesday April 6 2016, Northwood and High Building, Started 6:10 PM and Ended 7:00 PM

Attendance: (P: Present, A: Absent, E: Excused, G: Guest, R: Resigned) Sharon Young (P), Doreen Uhas-Sauer(E), Rachel Beeman (P), Steve Volkmann (P), Alex Wesaw (E) and David Hegley (P)


  1. Set working agenda for 2016 Governance Committee
    • The Committee set the priority of items to work on as follows:
Topic Priority
Complete remaining by law changes proposed by Governance last year but not brought forward for a vote by the Commission 1
Work on concerns brought from the Election Committee 2
Work on attendance policy 3
Expand community participation in all committees 4
Discuss whether the Commission should ever reconsider a vote it has already taken 5
Put together training on Ohio Sunshine laws and all the key requirements which apply to the Commission 6
Commissioner Training 7
Explore succession planning—how is information transferred over time 8
Strive for more efficient meetings 9


  1. Discussion on expanding community participation in all committees
    • The goal to provide guidelines for Committees to include community members
    • It was noted the Community Relations Committee has drafted their own by laws which include provisions to include non commissioners as full members
    • These rules will be reviewed and used as a basis for a guideline other Committees can follow.
  2. Discussion on attendance Policy
    • There were some concerns raised about one of the proposals brought up about having zoning count as two committees.
      • Although these members do put in a lot of time and effort, there is a lot of important work that other committees do for the Commission and possibly loosing members with the exemption for zoning could be detrimental for the Commission.
    • Other areas that need to be addressed:
      • Enforcement of the attendance policy
      • Better tracking of the attendance
        • There was talk of creating a website where Committee chairs can record their attendance

Next meeting: May 4, 2016 @ 6:00 PM in Room 100 Northwood & High Building

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