Highlights of Feb 3 2016 Committees

Several of the UAC committees met tonight (Feb. 3, 2016) for a sort of visioning meeting to identify core values and draft goals for 2016. More complete notes will be forthcoming but some general values that were suggested were inclusiveness, civility, professionalism, and accountability. Goals revolved around such targets as: encouraging community participation, expanding our diversity of representation, engaging student residents, fostering area artists, creating opportunities for local business start-ups, expanding public greenspace, increasing options for public transit and walkability, incentivizing home ownership and supporting families.

If you have a concern that you would like to see UAC consider, please email commissioners@universityarea.com

The few pieces of formal business that were completed tonight were on the Planning agenda. A series of park/ street/ lighting/ and planting projects were recommended for City funding through the UIRF program. Also, the Committee outlined a proposed referendum to ask City Council for a demolition and construction moratorium in some areas of the district to allow time for the emergency passage of relevant portions of the University Area Plan into law. The finalized language of this referendum will be voted upon in the UAC meeting of February 17th.


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