Governance – Jan. 6, 2016 – Agenda

University Area Commission – Governance Committee

Agenda –January 6, 2016

According to Article IV Section 7: The Governance Committee shall:

  1. Implement these by laws and elections rules as required;
  2. Research the effectiveness and applicability of these by laws and make recommendations to the Commission for amendments to the by laws;
  3. Conduct the orientation of new commissioners;
  4. Coordinate t he internal activities of the Commission.


  1. Review proposed changes to the Speaker slip and vote on accepting a new speaker slip for the Commission
    • New:                                                                                                                                   Old:
    • Click here to see PDF of these documents –> Governance Agenda 01-06-16
  2. Review Election Committee recommendations
    • An instruction sheet should be included with elections packet.
    • Clarify forms through the use of headers and sheet numbers.
    • Corresponding Secretary – formalize duty to include keeping list of commissioners and dates of their terms. This list should also be kept available to the public. Governance can decide best approach and bring back to Commission for approval.
    • Go back to one day of voting. Two days of voting is difficult to staff the polling stations. Recommend a Saturday voting period only. Governance can decide best approach and bring back to Commission for approval.
      • Total Votes Godman Guild 
        1. 11/4/15 – 3 total votes
        2. 11/7/15 – 10 votes/1 provisional vote
      • Total Votes North locations
        1. Northwood Bldg. 11/4/15 – 10 total votes
        2. Lucky’s – 11/7/15 – 22 total votes
      • Develop written procedure for holding election.
      • Clarify the rules that a write in candidate must follow
      • Survey candidates from the current and the previous year or two in order to find out what they liked, disliked and found confusing about the process.
        • This survey should include anyone who ran as a write in candidate.
  1. Discuss what items should be included in the annual report

Committee Members 2015 Commission Year

Commissioner Present Absent Excused
Colin Odden
Doreen Uhas-Sauer
Sharon Young
Steve Volkmann
Michael Sharvin
David Hegley
Note: Agenda subject to change



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