Governance – 2015 – Annual Report

University Area Commission – Governance Committee

Annual Report – 2015 Commission Year

Members (Attendance: P=Present, E= Excused, A= Absent): Sharon Young (P=8, E=3), Doreen Uhas-Sauer (P=9, E = 2), Colin Odden [(P=9, E=2), Jennifer Mankin (P=8, A=1 Resigned Dec 2015), Steve Volkmann (P=9, E=2), Kate Neithammer (P=4, E=2 Resigned Dec 2015), Michael Sharvin (P=6, E=4) and David Hegley, Chairperson (P=10, E=1) There were 11 Meetings this Commission year, The March meeting was replaced by a Commission strategy meeting.

The Governance Committee had moderately successful year and I would like to extend my gratitude yet again for everyone’s hard work and dedication to the responsibilities of this committee. Below is a summary of the key activities for this year.

  1. The Committee worked on guideline for Committee chairs regarding requirements of running a Committee meeting (April 2015)
  2. Election Rule changes approved by the Commission in July 2015 related to the two election dates. These changes were made to ensure the 2 days of elections would occur within the same week.
    • Election Rule 2.6
    • Election Rule 7.1
    • Election Rule 7.4.1
  3. By Law changes passed in July 2105 was the removal of the standing rules passed in 2013 which governed a orderly transition process of moving elections from June to November.
  4. Worked on changes to bylaws specific to Group and Organization Commissioners
    • These changes were brought to the Full Commission in August for a second reading and failed to garner a vote. It was determined the language still was not clear enough on how the notification of nominated versus appointed seats was being separated.
    • By October the Committee felt the language was clarified, however by the time the Commission could hear a second reading the Commission year would be nearly over. It was decided to pass the language to next Committee year to take to a vote by the Commission.
  5. The Committee also did a review of the City Of Columbus Document retention policy affecting Area Commissions. Questions to clarify the policy were sent to the City Attorney’s office. Due to excessive burden the City is putting on the volunteer Commissions, we are going to pursue getting City support with some of the rules.
    • This review also caused the Committee to retract an Election rule change to 2.10 since the document retention policy needs further review to confirm what this change should be.
  6. The Committee began review of the Election Committee report and what changes need to be made going into the 2016 elections.
  7. A review was made to the current UAC speaker slips and the Committee adopted a new form. These forms will be available beginning with the January 2016 Commission meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

David Hegley, Chairperson

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