Community Relations Committee – October 7, 2015 – Meeting Notes

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Wednesday, October 7th 2015 meeting of the
UAC Community Relations Committee
Rm. 100, Northwood High Building, 2231 N High St Columbus, OH 43201

Article 5, Section 4. The Community Relations Committee shall:
a. Promote the activities and existence of the Commission to the
community and other groups throughout the city;
b. Assist the board of elections with promotion of elections upon request;
c. Distribute a monthly Commission activity fact sheet on Commission activity;
d. Oversee maintenance and development of the Commission website

Meeting Notes
Beeman (P), Odden (P), Runta (E), Supelak (P), Uhas Sauer (E), Young (P)
Guest: Tyler Hoerst, OSU Student Ambassadors.

Meeting commenced at 8pm

Ongoing Business
1. By-laws text: list of duties
Issue submitted to Governance for discussion.
2. Committee Relations record retention issues
By maintaining its web site and social media channels, the Community Relations committee is one of UAC’s biggest producers and stewards of records that must be maintained and decommissioned/destroyed per Ohio public records laws and CRC records retention regulations. Odden is finishing up a draft list to submit to both Community Relations and Governance for simultaneous review.
3. Web site improvements
Commissioner Mankin has created a streamlined WordPress form for submitting agendas and minutes to Weinland Park Community Civic Association’s web site. (cf ). She has agreed to share code and provide a little assistance with implementation.
Our web calendar plugin is failing. Commissioners Odden and Supelak will troubleshoot.

New Business
1. Commissioner training (to be handled jointly with Governance)
At Commissioner Young’s suggestion, we discussed ways that Community Relations can support the Governance Committee’s task of training new and continuing Commissioners. We will communicate an offer to aid in assembling and disseminating training materials and securing attendance for training, to Governance Chair Hegley.
2. UAC award/recognition – Northwood ARTSpace
At Commissioner Wildman’s suggestion, we discussed ways that UAC can honor Diane Efsic, who has curated the Northwood ARTSpace displays in Rm100 of the Northwood High Building. The committee agreed on acknowledging and expressing appreciation was agreed upon.
3. Elections support
We briefly discussed the committee’s role in supporting the Election committee’s activities: aiding in distributing election materials electronically.
4. Visit from OSU Student Community Ambassadors
Tyler Hoerst, Community Ambassador with OSU Student Life, joined the meeting. We explored possibilities for information sharing, Community Ambassadors’ coverage of the “core” area, and — particularly — joint student/nonstudent activities including but not limited to community service.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm.

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