Community Relations – August 5, 2015 – meeting notes

UAC Comm Rel notes – 5aug2015.

Wednesday, August 5th 2015 meeting of the UAC Community Relations Committee

Rm. 100, Northwood High Building, 2231 N High St Columbus, OH 43201


Meeting commenced at 8:04pm

Attendance: Beeman(P), Neithammer(P), Odden(P), Runta(P), Supelak(E), Uhas Sauer(P), Young(P)

Business cards are ordered, QTY 1000. ETA midQAugust, hopefully in time for the August 19th Commission meeting.

Our email list has 35 new subscribers, for a total of ~70 (needs to be checked for duplicates). We discussed what content to deliver to this list, and agreed on the following:

  • Monthly reminder of upcoming meetings, indicating date/time/location only, plus a link to the web site with instructions to find agendas and other details
    • Agendas will not be included in these emails, as they may not be ready at sendQtime and they are often subject to lastQminute Instead, all references to agendas will be links to UAC’s web site.
  • Monthly bulletin reviewing highlights of Commission This will contain a link to the web site with instructions to find minutes and other materials there. We will discuss further the best way to cull highlights from committee activities and notable happenings in each of our four districts.
    • We discussed whether to classify some items by district or by neighborhood, concluding that identifying news by district helps recipients identify with district boundaries and reinforce who represents them, but that indicating neighborhood is often useful for other reasons (eg familiarity).
  • Boilerplate will be developed with information including but not limited to the following:
    • Committee service is open to the public (one is not required to be a Commissioner to participate in committees);
    • The public is invited to all UAC
    • Links to subscribe to notices from various City of Columbus offices (eg Public Service).
    • Links to UAC’s social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter)

We chose to table general discussion about CY2016 conference planning, recognizing the need to engage the full Commission and to likely form an organizing committee to which Community Relations will provide operational support and coordination.

We reviewed the CY2015 schedule of visiting speakers. We will not invite a speaker to December’s meeting; October and November are the remaining vacancies. Central Ohio Greenways, F.L.O.W., City of Columbus Parks and Recreation, and SWACO.

We discussed the potential of ‘story maps,’ a way of presenting text, images, video and audio linked through maps – ESRI ( has a free product that has popularized story maps’ use (cf ). Discussion included brainstorming sources of content (including but not limited to Vintage Columbus, University District History, UDO’s “U Should Know” series, Commissioners’ own archived materials); opportunities for outlets including enhancing UAC’s web site with richer maps, focusing on specific projects and integrating storytelling.

The August 5th Governance meeting reviewed record retention and disposal policies. Odden will draft a summary and protocol for the Community Relations Committee, for review at the September committee meeting.

Meeting adjourned 8:58pm.

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