Planning Committee – July 1 2015 – Meeting Minutes

July 1, 2015 UAC Planning Committee Meeting Notes

The University Area Commission opened the meeting at 7:05 at the Northwood and High Building. Present were commissioners Sharvin, Volkmann, Young, Beeman, Uhas-Sauer, and Runta were present. Commissioners Hansen, Hegley, Mankin and Keeney were excused.

Traffic Signals on Summit/North Fourth

The commission discussed the removal of traffic signals on Summit at Maynard and on North Fourth Street at 19th Avenue and Iuka Ravine/Northwood.

It was noted that the traffic signals are present for the benefit of cross-traffic and not speed control and there is not enough cross-traffic at the signals to warrant their use. The city has proposed crosswalk treatments at Maynard and Iuka/Northwood.There was some consternation among commissioners that the proposed traffic crossing treatments may not be installed until the fall of 2016. At this time, the committee is closely monitoring the situation and attempting to identify ways in which the process may be accelerated.

Historic Districts

The commission discussed the institution or expansion of local historic districts in the University District. Meetings gauging public support have recently been held in the Dennison Place and Necko neighborhoods. The Weinland Park Community Civic Association Housing Committee will also receive a presentation/question and answer session. A larger meeting is planned in the Necko neighborhood on July 23, 2015 to ascertain future steps there.

Two members of the Dennison Place neighborhood attended the meeting with questions about the efficacy of historic districts in controlling future development in relation to concessions regarding design decisions on one’s own home exterior. The committee suggested reviewing the Historic Resources Commissions guidelines (Caution: link downloads 6.1 mb guidelines .pdf) to see if historic designation would be acceptable to them.

Move In/Move Out

The commission also discussed Move In/Move Out, the time during which Ohio State students move to different houses and apartments while simultaneously shedding a portion of their material goods in the alley and points in-between. In previous years, the city has established drop-off points for students to discard unwanted items. However, the city has cut the program for budgetary purposes. Consequently, the Ohio State University itself will attempt to remove the cast-off items within the area. Drop-off points will be within the area bounded by 9th Avenue, Lane Avenue, High Street and Summit with an additional area between W. 8th and W. 10th Ave bounded by High and Neil. Students may drop off usable goods at the Indianola School on 16th Avenue.

Unwanted items outside of this area will be handled by regularly scheduled city refuse collection. It was noted that in the past when the city did not establish drop-off points that alleys were littered with furniture and debris for weeks after the event. Consequently, residents are encouraged to call 311 promptly if furniture and other student-borne detritus accumulates in your alley during the Move In/Move Out period in order to maintain the beautiful surroundings that our district enjoys.

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