Community Relations Committee – June 3, 2015 – Meeting Notes

Also available as a PDF.

Wednesday, June 3rd 2015 meeting of the UAC Community Relations Committee

Rm. 100, Northwood High Building, 2231 N High St Columbus, OH 43201


(P)resent, (A)bsent, (E)xcused, (V)isiting: Beeman (P), Grado(V), Neithammer(P), Odden(P), Runta(P), Supelak(P), Uhas Sauer(P), Young(P).

Meeting commenced 8:04pm

Ongoing Business

  1. We made final revisions to the mailing list invitation authored by Commissioner Neithammer. Odden and/or Supelak will use MailChimp to distribute.
  2. We had a lively and productive discussion about the design of the business card created by Commissioner Supelak. Topics included whether to include an Area map on the back of the card; whether the card should more closely match the cards used for UDO/UCBA to provide a unified appearance across ‘U-groups;” whether additional formats such as postcards and postcards are worth pursuing. Commissioner Odden presented three vendor quotes for QTY 1000 2-sided full color cards. Two additional vendor suggestions were made by Commissioners Young and Grado – Odden will get quotes. Design and vendor decisions postponed to the July 1st
  3. Commissioners Beeman and Young will implement an Area ‘photo find’ on the UAC Facebook page, using photos from archives as well as contributions from Commissioners.
  4. UAC will implement a web calendar on its web site,, via a WordPress plugin “Google Calendar Events.” This calendar will only contain UAC scheduled meetings, as well as special events primarily hosted by UAC. The calendar will advertise these meetings in near perpetuity (at least one year in advance) to facilitate scheduling by prospective attendees; thus, it is the responsibility of committee Chairs to indicate on the calendar that a meeting is being canceled. A protocol and some guidelines will be established ASAP. The Commission’s web site announces upcoming community events and will continue to do so.

New Business

  • The committee briefly discussed the prospect of organizing a conference or symposium to bring together “U-groups,” OSU, residents and other organizations, perhaps for 2016. NB: The location for the 2016 Regional Neighborhood Network Conference is TBD.
  • Weinland Park Community Civic Association is creating welcome packets for residents, and the Community Relations committee is invited to provide some text (a paragraph or two) and contact information. Deadline is July 6th. The committee will finalize and submit this text at its July 1st meeting.
  • The committee considered the text on the web site’s “About UAC” page, and will finalize and present a revised version at its July 1 meeting.
  • At its June 3rd meeting the UAC Governance committee voted to strike item E in the list of formal duties assigned to the Community Relations committee, “e. Respond to the general electronic communication with the Commission.”

Meeting adjourned 9:02pm

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