Governance Committee – Feb. 12, 2014 – Agenda

University Area Commission – Governance Committee

Agenda – February 12, 2014, 6-7pm
2231 N High, 2nd floor



According to Article IV Section 7: The Governance Committee shall:


a. Implement these by laws and elections rules as required;

b. Research the effectiveness and applicability of these by laws and make recommendations to the Commission for amendments to the by laws;

c. Conduct the orientation of new commissioners;

d. Coordinate t he internal activities of the Commission.




  1. Attendance – set 2014 Committee roster
  2. Elect Chairperson
  3. Review proposed by law changes related to zoning cases
  • Discussed changing the by laws and rules for presentation of zoning cases
    •  Purpose of this discussion was to provide some ideas for the zoning committee to review and provide feedback to Governance if these changes will further improve their process of presenting zoning cases to the Commission.
    • It would be most helpful to have Zoning explain their case first
      • Put emphasis on the key variances or key points of the zoning case
      • Questions to for the applicant should first be directed to the Zoning Chair and only if they are unable to answer, the Zoning Chair would ask the applicant.
      • If more time is needed by Zoning to present the case, the chair should request it up front.  Another idea is increase zoning presentation to a max of 5 minutes.
      • Request the Zoning chair to ask at the Zoning Committee if the variances being requested meet all the University Area plans and overlays
      • Proposed change (by the Zoning Committee-changes in red) in order and wording of Article IV, Section 7 Paragraph d:
        • d.      The following time limits will be adhered to for all zoning cases heard before the commission:
        • o   Zoning committee report/recommendation: 2 5 min (max) Chair reserves right to ask for extended 5 min for complex cases.
        • Commission debate discussion:  2 min (max) per commissioner who wishes to speak.  Applicant presents case: 5 min (max)
        • Public comment (max 3 people each pro/con): 3 min each (max) Commission comments/questions:  2 min max per commissioner.  Applicant may answer, but comments/questions to be addressed to chair.
        • Applicant presents case: 5 min (max) Public comment: 2 min max.  Chair has authority to end comment period.
        • A copy of this section will be provided to each zoning applicant by the zoning committee prior to their appearance at a commission meeting.  Applicant rebuttal:  2 min max
        • 6.     Applicant rebuttal: 2 min (max) Remove   A copy of this section will be provided to each zoning applicant by the zoning committee prior to their appearance at a commission meeting.



Note: Agenda subject to change

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